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Agilent / HP The Agilent 4268A capacitance meter offers the ability to test hig ContactUsedUS
Agilent / HP The Agilent 4288A 1kHz/1MHz capacitance meter offers a high-speed ContactUsedUS
Boonton 72C This 100 kHz analog meter is recommended for series capacitance mea ContactUsedUS
Extech DM110 Autoranging with 10 functions including Frequency, Capacitance, an ContactUsedUS
Iwatsu DS-6121 Dual Channel Bandwidth: DC - 100MHz Capacitance: 25pF GPIB (IEEE ContactUsedUS
Iwatsu DS-6612 Dual Channel Bandwidth: DC - 60MHz Capacitance: 32pF GPIB (IEEE ContactUsedUS
Protek B940 True RMS AC volts and amps measurements Capacitance and Frequency m ContactUsedUS
The Chroma 11020 Capacitance Meter is a high-speed precision Capacitance Meter. ContactUsedUS
590CV C-V AnalyzerThe Keithley 590 CV Analyzer measures capacitance versus voltage (C-V) $ 4882.00 USDUsedUS
Agilent : 4268A 120Hz/1kHz Capacitance Meter $ 2950.00 USDUsedUS
Agilent : 4268A-001 120Hz/1kHz Capacitance Meter $ 2995.00 USDUsedUS
Agilent : 4278A 1kHz/1MHz Capacitance Meter $ 1750.00 USDUsedUS
Agilent : 4278A-001 1kHz/1MHz Capacitance Meter $ 1750.00 USDUsedUS
Agilent : E4981A-001-600 120 Hz/1 kHz Capacitance Meter ContactUsedUS
Agilent-Keysig ht 4288A 1kHz/1MHz capacitance meter $ 4795.00 USDUsedUS
Agilent/HP 4278A Capacitance Meter $ 1895.00 USDUsedUS
Amprobe 33XR-A Prof DMM with Temperature and Capacitance $ 105.56 USDNewUS
Amprobe ACD-21SW Swivel Clamp Meter with Capacitance & Temperature $ 137.57 USDNewUS
Amprobe CR50A Capacitance/Re sistance Meter $ 120.62 USDNewUS

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