One of the more requested Winding resistance testers that we have seen is the Raytech brand.

The Raytech WR14 is an easy to use, and reliable unit. It offers High accuracy and a 15A output,  a unique custom power supply will saturate and discharge transformers faster than other brands. We suggest the WR14 for transformers up to 200MVA. Larger than that, we recommend the WR50-12. The WR14 can operate on either line power or the internal battery. The battery is also covered under the 5 year warranty. If the battery is dead in the field, the unit can be plugged in, and testing can start immediately.

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Instrumentation and electrical test equipment has been our game for over 20 years. Our experience varies from Sales, Service, and Rentals of all types of equipment. We would like to think that with thousands of instruments that have passed through our doors, we can help you to answer any questions and shed some light on our personal recommendation of what seemed to have worked for some of our clients.Up coming we will share types of different equipment and what we have seen that works for us and if we have any pros or cons with it. Hopefully, this will help you make a decision on equipment that you might be looking for purchase or using yourself. If you have any feedback of your own, please share with us and will be more than happy to post it for you as well. That goes as well for if your company has any upcoming promotions or news to share with our community. 

Thank you and stay tuned for the next posts. If you have any equipment questions or have suggestions on where to start please email us and we will start with your requests first.


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