AEMC DTR-8510 Digital Transformer Ratiometer

The device is used to measure the various potential turns ratio for power, potential and current transformers. They are one of the automatic transformers that can calculate the turn’s ratio currents, excitation current and phase displacements with utmost accuracy. The device comes in a compact, rugged and a light weighted which comes in an onsite testing of potential, power and the current transformers. The device can withstand the adverse conditions of the onsite and can be transported from one place to another in ago.  The device can be handled as a fully automatic device in which it does not require any range selection, user calibration, and tedious balancing. This helps in making the device as a user-friendly and you can use it at your own ease too.

Let’s discuss all the features of the device in details:

•    The device measures the PT/VTs, power transformers and is used widely in measuring the current transformers CT turns ratios at various sites.

•    The device while using displays the turn’s ratios, winding polarity, excitation current, and the % deviations the turn’s ratio is from the nameplate values.

•    The device is equipped with the NiMH battery which can work up to 10 hours on a single charge. And the user can move around in the site with the device for up to 10 hours to which it gives the bet results.

•    The operator conducts various tests like exciting one of the primary currents and reading the secondary ones. It provides the various safer conditions for the operators to work in any conditions.

•    The screen of the device can display the various warnings if there is incorrect lead generations is going on, or at the time of reverse polarity and short and open circuits.

•    The low battery indicator is also there, in case the operator forgets to charge the device.

•    It includes the soft carry bag and 15-foot long lead sets to operate the device.

•    The device can store up to 10,000 test results in their internal memory. It helps the operator

•    The device also has the USB ports that can be configured with the instruments and can be used for downloading the various test results on an operation.

•    The device also has the Data view software for analysis programming, downloading, generating and storing the test data for various uses.


The device comes with such a features can be the boon to any industry. These features are very much user-friendly as they are created by keeping in mind just the operators. The features which the device have made it as a first choice for the operators as you will find it up to date with the current scenario of the instruments. So once you have the requirement to buy one of the turns ratio meters then do not give a second though and buy AEMC DTR-8510 Digital Transformer Ratiometer in a go.

Vanguard LTCA-40 Load Tap Changer Analyzer product review

Vanguard is one of the best ones in the industry and when it comes to the time of measuring the resistance of very high power induction transformers, then the Vanguard is one of the ones if the most popular name. The Analyzer comprises of the triple resistance reading, which allows the measurement of three resistances simultaneously.

The Analyzer is composed of four wire connection with the high accuracy and also does not require any kind of lead generation. The Analyzer most unique feature is that it can measure and graph the resistance of transformer LTC during operations.


Features of Vanguard LTCA-40 Load Tap Changer Analyzer:


1.    The device is very light, it weighs less than 44 lbs.

2.    The device includes almost three resistance channels, in which one is the dynamic one.

3.    If we talk about storage of the device today, then it stores the 50 static records and almost 20 dynamics today.

4.    The device also has an auto discharge unit for the safety of the operator.

5.    The device has built-in a printer of 4.5-inch thermal capacity.

6.    At reference temperature, the same calculates the resistance value of the transformers.

7.    The device can read the digital resistance ranging from 50 ohms to 1 micro-ohm.


The Benefits of Vanguard LTCA-40 Load Tap Changer Analyzer:


1.    The devices come with the warranty of one year on parts of the analyzer and labor so that if you do have anything to repair or replace then you can ask through their company people for the same.

2.    The device uses 60 Volt DC motor to give the output of 40 Amperes, which is again one of the milestones set by the device.

3.    The device is used for measuring the resistance which several other devices in the same league cannot measure and moreover, this is one of the best devices for studying as you can store the various test records while studying and can use it while you want to recall the past.


4.    The device can be easily connected to users PC in a go with one PC port and it makes the working easier too.



The Vanguard has been one of the leaders in the industry due to the kind of interface the same provide no one in the industry have the same with them. In addition to that, the Vanguard is also have been a kind of Analyzer that is trusted by the people for a long time and is also available at ease at various online and offline modes. The analyzer can be bought in one click from the respective e-commerce websites in a go and according to the terms and conditions of the websites it will deliver the same at your home and you just need to sit and relax. Do compare the device from the other in the same league and place your order to add the same into your kitty for the best services as soon as possible in your lap.

Vanguard Auto-Ohm 200 S3 DC Micro-Ohmmeter product review

It is one of the Vanguard fourth generation and one of the microprocessor based a kind of true DC micro-ohmmeter. The device specializes in testing various bushing contact joints, any kind of low resistance measuring application, for testing EHV circuit breaker contact resistances and all kinds of welding joints too. The device can measure the current ranging from 5 ohms to 1 micro-ohms.

The device is capable of bearing the possible of current which is greater than 5A. It controls the test currents at various rise and fall rates at intervals, which can be selected ranging from 10 seconds to 5 seconds. An auto test mode can also be selected in a device by just initiating by applying the sensor cables which can lead to the two points of interest in the measuring current paths as well. This feature is unique and very helpful once you are looking forward to measuring the several resistance in a sequence of circuit break contact. The device can also be very helpful when it comes the time of comparing the test results against the various preset limits and can also determine whether the test is failed or passed by displaying the flag of the respective sequence accordingly.


Features of Vanguard Auto-Ohm 200 S3 DC Micro-Ohmmeter:

1.    The device is very light weighted and weighs approximately 19,8lbs.

2.    It measures the resistance with safety in the circuit breaker.

3.    It can store the test records through USB flash cable or on board on the device as well.

4.    It can measure 1 to 200A programmable test current.

5.    The device comes with a year of warranty on parts and labor.

6.    The device also has a shipping case, a hand spoke set, and C-Clamp set for the users to use the same at ease.

7.    The device comprised of backlit LED having the configuration of 128*64 pixels in which you can see in sunlight and at very low light levels as well.


Benefits of Vanguard Auto-Ohm 200 S3 DC Micro-Ohmmeter:

1.    The device has a storage of 124 readings which contains 64 readings in a go and the same is comprised of 44 keys keypad that is rugged and can be used easily by the user.

2.    It stores at least 999 test records and that too on external flash drives.

3.    This device is available on pre-order and you can also speak to the dealer about the specific date as the company reserves the rights, but can be discussed according to the previous experiences as well.

The Vanguard has been serving the league of the micro-ohmmeter from generations and every device have been one of the best ones than the last in giving the performance. The company provides excellent support post sales as well and this is something that adds the features of the product, if you are looking that can provide you the better support than it can be none other than Vanguard Auto-Ohm 200 S3 DC Micro-Ohmmeter

T&R DMO200 Digital Micro-Ohmmeter review

Ten years before does anybody thought about, that they can able to read the lowest resistance levels, no we hope not a single one, but with the invention of the newly advanced technologies, it has been quite possible today to measure a single heartbeat. Although it took a lot of time to reach this stage of inventing such kind of testing techniques, but it is quite possible to measure them accurately. When it comes to the time of measuring the risky resistance in circuit breakers, Isolators, switch panels.

The device is very easy to use with simple instructions to follow for the users, it simply starts with the button to select the test current, followed by the selection of output and you can able to start the test. After knowing the technical issues involved with the test current it can be easily preset into the three different options to test the same. The resistance is automatically captured and get displayed on the screen of the device to continue the testing mode.


Features of T&R DMO200 Digital Micro-Ohmmeter:


1.    The device can be used with a USB memory key to store the data and also have intact the USB keyboard so that comments can be entered in the data.

2.    The device can be handled with the universal data ranging from 260 V to 90V.

3.    The device is having the backlit for the clear LCD display.

4.    The device comes with 0.1μΩ resolution of the users.

5.    The device is portable and due to its light weight can be easily transferred from one place to another.

6.    The device has the facility of presetting of test current which has the three buttons to test current and store the data of the past tests.


The Benefits of purchasing T&R DMO200 Digital Micro-Ohmmeter:


1.    Due to many benefits attached to the device like the data that can be entered and comments can be added with the same, the device has the accessibility of the CSV file to be downloaded at their accessibility to save in the excel format for the future references.

2.    The device comes with the user manual to guide them at various junctions and to help them not letting go in any case.


3.    The product offers many lead selections so do select according to your requirements as well.



The T&R DMO200 Digital Micro-Ohmmeter is a device which is popular due to its easy accessibility at the time of usage and its portability factor. With this device, you can easily measure the amount which was difficult for you to carry out in the past, but now it’s a bit easy with the device and with the storing capacity you really don’t need to worry about the previous data. Moreover, you do not need to bother about the reactions and various tit bits information as you can easily get the same and enter it into the comment section of the file. And the best part is that you can order the device from the e-commerce websites easily, so do look for your testing laboratory to add upon with T&R DMO200 Digital Micro-Ohmmeter.

SMC Dynamic Micro Ohmmeter PRIME 600

Among the top-notch high current micro ohmmeters, one of the ohmmeters that is grabbing the attention of electrical engineers and electricians is SMC Dynamic Micro Ohmmeter PRIME 600. This durable and sturdy meter can be used to check the resistance in a jiffy. This latest generation ohmmeter is easy to use even by the amateur electricians to determine the micro resistance in the electrical circuit. Undeniably, this is the only ohmmeter that actually measures the current and dynamic resistance to evaluate the arcing contacts in vacuum circuit breakers. This ohmmeter provides accurate DC by having control up to 600A and taking measurements of resistance in the circuits with high power.

This device has thermal printer, touch display, various test modes that are pre-defined and generates automatic reports. It uses 4-wire method to measure low resistance and detect the problems in the circuit before the situation goes beyond the control. This kind of high resistance measurements is carried out on switch gears, bus bars, circuit breakers, and risky connections. In addition, it is also used to check the resistance in metallic connections in industries. This measures both the contact and dynamic resistance in a single unit that actually analyze the wear of arcing contacts in SF6 and vacuum circuit breakers. This is the unique feature that is equipped only in this modeled ohmmeter. Earlier, people use to connect other equipment in order to measure both contact resistance and dynamic resistance while testing the circuit breakers.

People can view the curve of time versus resistance on the touch display equipped on the meter. This actually, lets you detect the change in resistance in a fraction of seconds to find anomalies and wear in the circuit breaker or other switch gear equipment while testing. Moreover, this curve also gives a clear cut idea about the internal defects of the circuit breaker, especially the arcing contacts. This allows you to detect the problems with the arcing contacts without actually opening the chambers.

This device will give accurate measurements for the required high current and power injection. This Prime ohmmeter has an injection range of up to 600 A with pure DC current, thus eliminating the resistance distortions with slight change in inductive traits. For instance, if you are measuring the resistance in a bus bar, then the measurement would take a toll due to the injection of DC.  However, this high current micro ohmmeter totally eliminates connection glitches, longer leads and eventually gives reliable measurements.

This micro-ohmmeter is equipped with easy to use touch screen display having several pre-defined testing modes to cut down the testing time of electrical equipment. Prior to starting the test, the equipment checks for the connectivity problems and give indications, if there are any connectivity issues to let the electrician or engineer know about it. This assures the safety of the people working on this device. In addition, it demagnetizes the load that is connected to this device after taking the measurement. The best part of this device is that, it has an intuitive thermal printer which prints the report automatically after measuring the resistance of the equipment. Also, you can save the reports onto your PC or USB that are generated in office format. In addition, the temperature sensor in this device enables you to get the measurement at the determined temperature. The dual group accessory that comes along with this device totally eliminate the need of ground protection and amplify the measuring process. The protective case of this device allows you to measure the resistance of switch gear devices even during extreme weather conditions without causing any kind of electrical shock to the user or damage to the internal parts of the device.


Here are a few salient features that are power-packed in this device

  • In-built thermal printer
  • Equipped with temperature sensor
  • Has protective case to protect the ohmmeter from harsh weather conditions
  • Touch screen graphical display
  • Has USB port to connect flash drives to copy the reports
  • Download reports onto a PC
  • Durable and waterproof
  • Demagnetizes the load automatically after taking the measurements
  • Dual ground clamp


  • Gives reliable measurements as per the IEC standards and evaluate the arcing contact conditions in both SF6 and vacuum circuit breakers
  • Economical
  • Detects the glitches in the circuit breakers, switches, welding points, fuses, etc. immediately
  • Demagnetizes the load to prevent potential electrical hazards to the people getting in contact with the device
  • Checks the connectivity issues in busbars and other electrical installations
  • Measures winding resistance in transformers 

RMO 200G is a unique kind of micro ohmmeter whose working is based upon the one of the best testing technologies today. The device works by generating a true DC ripple effect which automatically regulates the test ramps. During various tests the RMO200G works for measuring the current frequently decreases or increases at that point of time as well. The device can store internally approximately 500 measurements of the users and all of them are stamped with date and time of the test performed. RMO200G is a kind of electromagnetic and electrostatic interference with HV electric fields mounted on. The filtration for the testing is made by utilizing the various proprietaries of software and hardware.

The device is best used in testing so that the people can have the best results in a very short span of time and that too automatically. The devices have been used for current from many years but this kind of quickness have never been thought before Let's discuss some of the features of the device.


Some of the features of RMO 200G:

  1. The device comes in built-in thermal printer that will be helpful in providing to have a view on the various test results and comparison can be made for the best results.
  2. The device is very light weighted and comes in just 8 kg.
  3. The devices can walk through the 200A – 5A DC range.
  4. The device have a resolution of 1, 0 ohms to carry on.
  5. The device has a dual made of Single or Contin.
  6. The output current of the device is filtered and has a ripple effect of less than 1%.
  7. The device comes with various accessories intact like Ground and USB cable intact, cable bag, current cables and sense cables etc. so that the users can have the best accessibility and can use the same at ease.

The Benefits of RMO 200G:

  1. Rmax feature with various pass or fail criteria is available for the users customized solution.
  2. RS232 or USB communication ports are available to connect them directly to the PC for the easy interface, so that you can transfer the data from device to your computer.
  3. The test reports can be prepared in various formats like excel as per the user convenience.
  4. LCD can display 25 characters and have backlight that the screen can be visible in sunlight as well.
  5. You can have a Bluetooth interface also for one of the communication with the PC or laptops

The RMO 200G is best known for the features and the wide options that they support for the users. So if you are looking forward for a device to test then have a look on RMO 200G for the best results. So, do have a look if you are looking for one of the best equipment’s that you want to use in your coming work and do have look on the best you have to proceed forward with new horizons!!!

Raytech USA Micro Jr. 2 Precision Micro Ohm Meter 10 A product review


The device is specifically designed to measure very low resistance with very high accuracy level. The device is battery operated with a lithium battery and can be used to test 2000 test results with 20 A of current without any recharging. The device does not require any kind of maintenance from the user’s side and do not have any calibration procedure and this is due to at the time of manufacturing lots of precision materials have been utilized. The device is incorporated with the new measurement technique that involves a high precision measurement circuit which is capable of measuring the automatic current flow in uni-directional and displays the accurate results approximately to 0.1µ Ohm. The device allows the measurement of long-term ranging to 10 A without any recharging.

It is the light weighted device that comes in a rugged, waterproof case for the best utilization of the user. The device is best and can be used for taking accurate readings on site with laboratory precision. The Micro Jr. 2 is a kind of device that is fully automatic and a microprocessor based system. The device has a cool and simple to use operation screen that has the provision of the quick selection of the resistance and current level that can be measured. This system has the ability to provide accurate results and can also reverse the current flow as well.


Features of Raytech USA Micro Jr. 2 Precision Micro Ohm Meter 10 A:

1.    The device has a big LCD display for the better working in laboratories.

2.    The device concludes the lots of accurate measurements starting from 0.00µΩ ... 400kΩ.

3.    For storing the current with the highest accuracy the device is equipped with automatic current reversal mode.

4.    The device has the single push button to operate and the response time is also less than 2 seconds.

5.    The device can store the test results while measuring the others as well and the user can also preset lots of tests at various time intervals for storing the data automatically.

Benefits of Raytech USA Micro Jr. 2 Precision Micro Ohm Meter 10 A:

1.    The device is equipped with many unique features like having a bigger display from many devices in the single league it enjoys the attention of the users as they love to use the same for testing and storing the results.

2.    The device measures with utmost accuracy the reverse and forward current.

3.    The device is equipped with automatic measurement storage and the detection mode too for the better results.


Do try the product, place your order for the early delivery so that you can have the access at the earliest, as the device is easy to use with the advanced features as well, that makes it the best fit for your laboratory. So, do not bother, just make up your mind and place your booking order to have the access to the extremely reliable precision ohmmeter.

Raytech USA MC2 Contact Resistance Meter 200 A product review

One of the automatic and high precision contact resistance meters that is pulling the eyes of electrical industries to buy one to measure the resistance of their electrical installation is Raytech USA MC2 Contact Resistance Meter 200 A. This accurate, high precision, automatic, and microprocessor based resistance meter is used to measure the low resistances of electrical equipment. This system is carried out by the electrical engineers to find out the precise value of resistance that can only be given when the electrical equipment is measured in the laboratory. However, with the availability of this device, people are able to get reliable resistance value in a jiffy.

This device is equipped with precise measurement circuit and a modular power source. In addition, this device is manufactured with high precision standards and has a filtering system to give an accurate resistance measurement. This has intuitive and easy to use touch screen that can be operated even by the amateur users who has minimal knowledge of these devices. On this screen, you can easily select the current level, i.e., up to 200 A to measure the resistance of the equipment without any kind of hassle. The best part is that, the results are generated automatically in the report form. You can take the print out of the results with the panel-mount printer or can view the result that is in the curve form on the liquid crystal display.

This MC2 Contact Resistance Meter 200 A is lightweight, durable and sturdy. Moreover, the protective case allows you to give bulletproof security to the device without getting prone to harsh weather condition. In fact, you can use this device outdoors and measure the resistance of electrical equipment without worrying about it getting damaged due to exposure to dust, dirt and snow.


Here are a few features that are loaded in this contact resistance meter

  • Gives precise resistance value of high current test system
  • Built in panel mount printer to print the results for future use
  • Touch screen liquid crystal display to carry out the resistance measuring process
  • Measures low resistance automatically from 0.1 micro ohms to 5 ohms
  • Microprocessor based system gives precise measurements and stores over 2000 results. So, you can check this device for the results of the tests conducted in the past with ease
  • Can continuously measure the resistance value in the device or circuits and the reports are automatically stored
  • Users can conducted various tests in different time intervals, and can store them without human intervention
  • Can print the results while this device is measuring the resistance value in the circuit or switchgear
  • Has RS232 and standard centronics interface
  • Has filtered DC power source to get precise readings while eliminating the distortions and connectivity problems
  • Automatically calibrate the device and detect the connectivity issues and give a warning sign to the user
  • Has an automatic cooling system to dissipate the heat and cool the device in a short time
  • Has automatic stop switch to switch off the device, if you notice arcing
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Give reliable measurements
  • Cost-effective
  • Resistant to extreme weather conditions
  • Durable
  • Has LCD display with light to measure the resistance and check results in dim light
  • Quickly cool the device
  • Does not cause any kind of electrical hazard to the people

Megger MOM 200, MOM 600

The Megger MOM 200, MOM 600 are micro ohmmeters. These measure resistances of bus bar joints, breaker contacts, and contact elements in high current links as well as in bus bars.

When there is contact resistance which increases due to oxidation, due to improperly tightened threaded joints, loose joints, there is an abnormal increase in temperature at the point of contact. This rise in temperature decreases the connectivity. As a result the temperature rise is further accelerated and it causes serious trouble.

The micro ohmmeter detects such problems and so remedial action can be taken before there is actual trouble. Contact resistance is checked at regular intervals to see the state of the system.

The instrument has a device which protects against induction. The sensing input is short circuited when the system’s on / off switch is in the off position also it is when the instrument is in the milliohm mode. In order to provide protection against external over voltages, the sensing input and the current output are decoupled to the ground.

The MOM200 A can be used for currents which can be measured up to 200 A and the MOM600 A measures output currents until 600 A and there are 6 different ranges of measurement that can be set.

These instruments operate between 0-50 degrees Celsius and can be stored as well as transported in temperatures ranging from -40 to 70 degrees Celsius. The main voltage of 115 or 230 V can be handled and they consume a maximum of 1610 VA. Protection is provided through miniature circuit breakers as well as thermal cut outs. There are 2 current cables of 5 m and 2 sensing cables of 5 meters provided.

These instruments can measure resistance ranging from 0-1999 micro ohms and the inaccuracy is + or – 1% of the readings + 1 digit

The open circuit voltage is 4.7 V DC and the shunt output is 100 A + or – 0.5% maximum to 20 mV or 10 V to protective earth.

These instruments should not be operated near strong electric fields as the current values can be erroneous. These instruments have high power consumption and hence they require a 16A fuse. The MOM200A model needs to have the decimal point selector set so that the decimal point is correctly located so that it can measure the range correctly. In case the display shows 1 which is on the far left then it means that the current range has been exceeded.

The sensing cables too must be connected inside the current cables. If it is not done, then the test data could be incorrect.

If the measuring range is to be expanded, the current is to be set lower than what was selected in the current range switch and in such cases the resistance has to be calculated manually. This however, expands the range of measurement but the accuracy is not maintained but drops as a result.

The 115 V model weighs 25 Kgs and the 230 V model weighs 24.7 kgs both these are inclusive of the transport case as well as the accessories.

Megger MOM 2

This instrument simplifies contact resistance testing. It measures upto 220 A and it weighs just a kilogram. It is battery powered and has an auto range of 1 micro ohm to 1000 miliOhms

It can communicate with PCs using Bluetooth and it is compliant with IEEE and IEC standards.

The MOM2 measures resistance of circuit breaker contacts, the connections to the breaker, high current links such as switches, safety ground connections, disconnecting devices, welding points, cables as well as  fuses. It is used for testing of connections and bus bar joints. It is easy to use, versatile and designed for safety.

It uses an ultra capacitor which is used to generate high output current. The ultra capacitor stores a large amount of energy as compared to the other capacitors and so high current can be delivered during discharging due to the low internal resistance. This microhmmeter is usable anywhere where low resistance needs to be measured with high accuracy.

Using this measurements with DualGround is possible. In this the object is grounded on both sides while being tested and thus the workflow is faster, safer and easier.

This instrument is rugged inspite of it being light weight and so it can be taken for use in the field and in substations. It has a strong rubber holster accessory and so it is even more durable. It can test for a whole day without having to recharge it. There are a total of 190 test values that can be stored and it transfers data using the Bluetooth to the PC. The Bluetooth also has another use. This alongwith the wireless headset provides an audible sound for pass/fail as per the user adjustable limits when test are performed.

The MOM2 test systems are designed so that they can serve different applications. They are used for common resistance measurements of low, medium as well as high voltage breakers. In case the contact resistance is too high, power loss is the result as well as rising temperature. This leads to negative consequences. Hence the resistance needs to be checked at regular intervals.

The display of the instrument consists of a combination of an analog arc alongwith a dual digital readout. The arc is used to indicate the capacitor charge level. The dual digital display is used for visibility of the measurement results. There is another digital display which is used for additional data.

 It uses 5 AA 2700 mAh NiMH cells and the recharge time is less than 12 hours. The recharge time typically at 25 degrees Celsius is 3h. The power consumption is 60 W and it works on the mains voltage range of 100-250 Volts AC 50/60 Hz. There is a protection against wrong battery type used as well as low or high temperature. The battery life of the real time clock lasts for more than 10 years. The output range of voltage goes to a maximum of 2.5 V DC and the range is greater than 100 A DC output. The duration can be selected at 0.1, 0.6 or 3 seconds.

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