Megger 550503 Three Phase TTR

Megger 550503 Three Phase TTR is one of the automatic instruments that is used to measure the various turns ratios and the distribution of the power in the transformers in manufacturing and substation environment. It is a very light weighted device carrying just the loads of 7.5 kg, which is much lower than any instrument in the same league. The case of the instrument is a kind of rugged to ensure the survival of the same in the harsh and adverse environments as well. The instrument has been proficient in testing in the power transformer industry, where the requirement for testing is quite complex and the three-phase testing in substations can be performed in a quick manner and approximately too. The subsequent TTR is used to measure the highest turns ratio ranges in the industry with an accuracy of 0.1%. Today no other commercial instrument is comparable to the TTR as it has been providing the kind of services no one like before yet. Let’s discuss some of the key features of the instrument.

1.    The device is fully operation in its usage.

2.    The device usually measures the three phases in a simultaneous manner.

3.    Well, know for measuring with the highest accuracy of 0.15 and ratio measurements as well.

4.    The device has a built-in storage and various downloading capabilities so that the client doesn’t need to bother around with anything. And that is why it makes the same a one stop solution for everyone.

5.    The operators do have choices of a full and quick test while they operate the machines in their premises.

6.    The instrument is stand alone and is in remote control in an application.

7.    It can accurately measure the phase deviation, excitation current, and ratio.

8.    The device field upgradeable is also available without any compromise for the calibration.

9.    It measures in all kinds of power transformers which includes all PTs and CTs too.

The device has been used to calculate the highest turn’s ratio and has been one of their kinds in the industry which remains incomparable for any. If you are a one that wants the best device which can measure test with the highest accuracy, then this device is definitely your cup of tea. As it is always said that the measuring should happen with lots of cautiousness otherwise it can make the worst in just fraction of seconds. And for submission of the reports, it is quite essential that you should have the best in your kitty. So the instrument can be trusted blindly and will surely equip enough to take your business to another loop which you haven’t seen through yet. So, don’t panic if you didn’t have the right accuracy till now you can still opt for one of the best in just a few minutes. The Megger 550503 Three Phase TTR is readily available in the market and can be accessed in no time through various shops selling these types of instrument or through the online portals too.


Megger 550005 Single Phase TTR  and its key features

Megger 550005 Single Phase TTR, the transformer do measure the turns ratios and like other it do measure the current and power transformers and the various exciting currents to go through at different levels. These measures have been very much useful for the people to take care of as any deviations from the actual state in the results can make many discrepancies in the windings and which will surely cause problems in a later period of time for you. So, these ratio turns should be measured with utmost precautions and care. The Megger measures the turns ratio with utmost accuracy which is within 0.1% and is have been one of the instruments that are known to provide the quality services to their clients.

 Let's discuss some of the key features of the instrument below:

1.    The device is employed in providing the highly sensitive models turned ratio and the accuracy is unmatched through any of the instruments in the same league.

2.    The instrument comes in a rugged and compact case to keep the same and the survival in the adverse conditions too.

3.    The instrument works on a principle and that is the transformers voltage ratio should be equal to the consecutive true turns ratio.

4.    When the concerned instrument measures the turns ratio, then they make sure that the turns ratio of power and distribution transformers should lie within the 0.1%. And that is exactly the requirement is.

5.    The TTR test helps in the aiding of short coils, various incorrect connects, open circuits and internal faults too.

6.    The instruments also come various optional accessories like auxiliary transformers, which is comprised of all kinds of cables that are required to make a connection to the transformer and the TTR set under the test.

7.    The instrument has the proficiency in testing the low ratio readings and have been mastering the same since its inception.

The instrument has been one of their kind in setting up of their network as they just believe in quality in their work. They are more bent towards the same as well. Whenever any company or project manager look forward to making a purchase, what are the key features that he will be looking for?

Then the answer is surely the specification and the reviews on the internet. The reviews should be detailed and very much specific towards the issue faced by the people while handling the instrument. If we consider the reviews for Megger 550005 Single Phase TTR, then we will know they clearly specify the high-quality services of the instrument as they always believe in the same in importing their client the best they have. So use Megger 550005 Single Phase TTR  for your site and we are very sure that you will not gonna face any kind of issues with the instrument. And if it will be then they have a friendly customer care that will be taking care of issues once reported to them.So, get yourself one of the accurate transformers.

Haefely-Hipotronics TTR 2795 an excellent transformer

Haefely-Hipotronics TTR 2795 is one of the three phase transformers that is been used in the industry for many years and it has been said about their quality and that they deliver, whatever they claim. The device measures ratios, excitation current, phase displacement and also the voltage ratio. The various test voltage that they said to measure through their fully automatic device is 100V, 10V, 1V and 40 V too, The device can measure even the smallest voltage that too with the highest approximation. The device is also said to offer the one of best accuracy across the industry that is 0.03% for the ratios that ranges from 0.8-100. These are some of the unique features that make the Haefely-Hipotronics TTR 2795 one of the best in their respective field. Let’s discuss their specifications in details:

1.    The device is said to offer labeled test leads and the other color coded for an easy set up at the sites. This helps in readings of the tests as well.

2.    The device can be operated through the laptop and the remote devices as well. And in the addition to these interfaces, they are quite equipped with the application software too, which can install and can be used to work smoothly throughout the period.

3.    The devices according to the reviewer and the viewers across the industry have the easy setup and have made one of the trust factors in the industry.

4.    The device is equipped with a built-in printer for printing the test results.

5.    The device is easy to transport from one place to another at the time off work and comes in a rugged case so that at the time of transportation it can be easily portable from here and there.

6.    The device is quite expert in detecting in various tap changer postures and positions, apart from this it can be used to measure the transformer windings as well.

7.    The respective device is also said to measure the phase angle between secondary and primary windings and also the excitation currents. The angles if measured between the angles readily gives you the additional information and makes you ready to measures another phase in a very short span of time.

There are some of the unique features which were approximately unbelievable till the Haefely-Hipotronics TTR 2795 was launched, as this is one of the best in its field. The device is launched post lots of researched as the same required to be provided with. The device has some unique features which others of the same league cannot offer at times. If you are one of the people that require the testing with approximation and other facilities matching with the current scenario then you can go forward to buy Haefely-Hipotronics TTR 2795. The device also has been reviewed by the users as one of the best in its industry, you can also search them and rate them post usage of the device too. 

Dv-power TRT43 series


TRT  series have many sub-series so that none of the requirement of the users went unsatisfied. The operators and users can choose according to their requirement and can take the device to their site accordingly. As per usage, every site has a totally different requirement to cater too, and if you are looking forward to buying on for your newly built site then you can look for the best by comparing them according to your own priority. But for selecting the best for yourself you need to categorize your priorities as you can also fall prey to the publicity ad end up taking a wrong device. The TRT series have something for everyone and if you consider the series in question right now that TRT63 series then you should know it is one of the high-end series which have been catering to the market for a long time and have been one of the best in the field. Let's discuss the features of TRT63 in detail:

1.    These devices are specially devised for testing the various capacitive voltage transformers in various power, instrumental and distribution transformers.

2.    The series devices have the capability to measure the voltages between 1 to 124VAC.

3.    The devices also come with the ratio accuracy that ranges from 0.05%.

4.    The device also has up to 15KV AC integrated and with the additional CVT40 o them.

5.    The device can measure single phase test voltage and also true three phase test voltage.

6.    The device comes with an inbuilt thermal printer for analyzing a generating the various test results you can take an advantage of the same for the comparison as well.

7.    The series have the support of the software known as DV-Win software with them so you do not need to worry about anything. As this software makes the device so easy to use, that you will feel like that you are using your mobile.

8.    The device has a manual attached for the operators so that new-bees can come to know what is there in the device and well the old one can also use the same if they forget something in middle. The users can also download the manuals through the online websites and can take the guidance through them.

The device is being used for a long time and the brand name has always maintained its dignity. So if you are looking for something reliable for your site then you can consider them as they are one of the best in the industry to serve well their clients. And their quality delivery and the services have created a wall between them and the competitors. So the TRT43 series is highly reliable in various contexts and have unique features which can be very well driven for the test operators. So do have a look on the series product before making your decision and do check what other people needs to say about the series. 

Dv-power TRT63 series

TRT 63series is a kind of upgraded series in the market that is known for its measuring at very high voltages. In this article, we will see that how the TRT 63 works and its unique features. The TRT 63series is a fully automatic transformer that is specially designed to measure the phase shift, excitation currents and turns ratio for the distribution, instrumental and power transformers. They have been known for comparing the test results and measuring across the platforms. They have said to receive positive reviews from the internet and more and more people are looking forward to working with them. These reviews help the other operators to go through and let you know how you can use the device too. In addition to the same these review are not biased so the operators get a clear picture of the device. So do have a look upon, and let's discuss the series in details:

1.    The unique feature that is attached to the TRT63 is that it can measure the test voltages ranging from 1 -250 VAC, this is one of the highest voltages in the industry. And the uniqueness of the concept is that the rarely any instrument in the market is coming with such a feature. It is usually used in high-end power transformers where high test voltages are required.

2.    The accuracy that is depicted by the series devices so far is 0.03%, which is also an all-time high.

3.    The devices can be used to measure the single-phase test voltage and also true three phase test voltages.

4.    The device comes with a built-in tap changer unit for the operators and also with the automatic vector unit detector.

5.    The software that comes with the device is DV-win software and can be used to display the test results with the detailed analysis.

6.    The device also comes with the interchangeable test leads with the so-called three-phase ohmmeters and the tap changer analyzers which is also termed as TWA.

The device is used in many power transformers so far as they have the requirement of the measurement at the higher voltages too. So this device can be a real boon at times when such requirement arises. The built-in software also helps in analyses and gathering data through all ends. And also with the software you can also use the device as a digital media for the display and sharing the information as well. The device allows the true three-phase testing voltage and because of the same it can test any kind of transformers, and can also include the transformers like rectifier transformer, arc furnace etc.These features give the device an edge over others and have been one of the premium devices so far. If you are looking for something that is unique in addition to the testing quality and accuracy, then these series devices are suggested and you can pick any according to your requirement. So do have a look and make a choice.

Dv-power TRT40 series


TRT 40  is a three phase and a fully automatic test that is specially designed to measure the turns ratio, excitation currents, and the phase shifts. The tests are performed on the power, instrument distribution transformers. They measure at their utmost accuracy the different voltages for the unloaded windings of transformers and then the device also displays the ratio through their screens.

Let’s have a look on the TRT 40 series in detail:

1.    The test voltages used in the TRT40A tests the voltages that range between the 125VAC to 8VAC. The 125VAC measurement is a kind of unique feature that the device is having as no other device provides this level of testing. So once you buy the testing device for your site this high-end testing device can surely help you out today and in the coming time as well.

2.    The another best part with the device is that they measure the turns ratio with the accuracy level of 0.05%. That is again is one of the highest frequency in this industry.

3.    The device is also having a built in USB drive from which you can collect the data and store or can use for your research as well.

4.    The device also has a built-in tap changer unit and also serves well not only in the first phase but also in three phase tests as well.

5.    The device also said to develop the automatic vector group detectors which help in the analyzation of the test results.

6.    The added benefit which the operators enjoys with the device is their lightweight, they on an average just measure approx 9kg.

7.    The detailed test results analysis can be done through the DV-win software and also this software can be used to deploy the various pre-programming tests.

8.    A large size transport case is a recommended accessory that needs to be bought with the device as it an essential tool to keep the device and the cable safe. These cases also help in the survival of the device at any kind of adverse situations.

The device is one of the high-end devices as they can measure the lowest voltages to the highest as well. The operators can buy them for their own benefit as they can be used to have for a longer term if you are looking for an expansion as well. These kinds of devices have an advantage that it is also called as one stop solution and you can also carry the device and roam around the site. It looks and weighs a kind of handy to the operators. The device like others are automatic and a very user-friendly, you can download the manual of te device through online sources or you can receive in the box as well. So do consider the choice once you are buying a new device or upgrading your site to another level. We are very sure that the device will not hamper your productivity rather than will help in making the testing in the labs better.

Dv-power TRT33 series


The device is a fully automatic, which is said to measure the phase displacement, excitation current, turns ratio with its utmost accuracy. The device has been used in various power transformers for calculating the turn’s ratios and for the people to con dust their trust with utmost accuracy. The series is said to have three devices with them, one of them is known as TRT33A, TRT33B, TRT33C, they have been known so far for their credibility and also for their measuring the test results with utmost accuracy. The TRT33 series devices have been one of the best in the industry, they are different in just their measuring of the test voltages, rest other qualities are same in all.

Let’s discuss all the features of the series in details:

1.    The devices are also used in verifying the various winding configurations; they have been used to measure the true single or three phase tests.

2.    The series devices measures accurately all the voltages of the unloaded windings of the transformer and then also use to display these measured voltages in their LCD screen which are provided with the backlit facility. The ratio which they measure comes in the range of 0.8 -15000.

3.    All the test results or the measurements you can say can also be exported to the concerned PC with the help of DV-Win software’s. The concerned software connects TRT33 to the PC or the laptop with a USB cable. Through this software, the reports can be generated and analyzed for the various tests. The device of the series can be used to generate the test results by using DV-Win software.

4.    You can also opt for the device accessories like a built-in the thermal printer which you can use definitely for printing the test results and the plastic rugged case that can be used to transport the device and the cables from one place to another.


5.    The device comes with the LCD screen which already has a backlit feature and can display 20 characters in 4 lines. The screen also remains visible in sunlight as well.

6.    The series devices can withstand the humidity of 95% and the pollution level till at the degree 2.

7.    The device can also be used to store the 100 test case and each has 100 test readings as well. This clearly defines that the device has a huge internal memory.

DV-power TRT30 series


The TRT 30 series devices are known to be one of the best devices in the industry in measuring the different types of the turns ratio. They are being used over the years and have been displaying the upgraded technology which has taught the industry how to work at times. They have been one of the best in delivering the quality services and measuring the ratios with utmost accuracy. The series is comprised of three models named as TRT 30A, TRT30B, TRT30C, all are differentiated in the terms of the quantity of different voltages that needs to be measured. All of them are used to measure the phase shift, excitation current, and the turn’s ratios. All are configured to measure the vector group detection as well.

Let’s see some more features displayed by the series below:

1.    The series is used to measure the test voltages ranging from 40V, 100V, and 10V.

2.    The ratio that needs to be measured also ranges from 0.8-15,000.

3.    The test results of phase displacements, turns ratio and excitation currents are displayed on the LCD which is backlit and can display 20 characters in 4 lines.

4.    The series devices also have a vast memory which can store a minimum of 100 test records and each test records is said to have 100 test readings too.

5.    The test results that are stored are also stamped with date and time and they can be printed through a thermal printer and that too is built in via just using the print button of the device.

6.    The device can also be use to display the test results and the comparison between them. The ratio can also be calculated and the percentage of error through each test can be displayed.

7.    All the devices of TRT 30 series come with the port of USB through which you can transfer te data to any PC, laptop or tabs.

8.    The TRT series also comes with the DV-Win software, which makes the development of the test plans easier and can also prepare in advance all the test settings.

Due to these unique features, the TRT 30 series is considered one of the best in the industry, They have been long known for their credibility of results that they are providing to the operators and their procedure too. TRT30 series are also known to the people for their series of products and you can choose according to the test voltage measuring requirement you have. All obeys the same basic feature just the test voltage is different in all. This series equipment is used in many power transformers to test the turns ratios and has been proved to so many times for their credibilities. If you are looking forward to upgrading your testing then this could b ea good option for you as you do not need to wander a lot as it is a one-stop solution. So do have a look on the unique features of the series and place your order accordingly.

DV-power TRT03 series


TRT 03 series comprises of a three phase automatic transformer which is fully designed to measure the turn’s ratio tests, excitation currents which can measure to calculate the power, instrumentation and distribution transformers a phase displacements. TRT 03 measures the various turns ratio of the transformer by using various voltages for high voltage windings. The measurement is carried out quite accurately by measuring the voltages that too across the various transformer windings for the unloaded ones. They do display the ratio of all the voltages for the operator’s convenience. They are based on the famous state of the art technology that too using the latest and advanced technology. The test can also be performed for the single as well as the three phase transformers and both without or with taps and obeys the IEC 60076-1 standards. Let’s discuss the features of the product in detail:

1.    The test voltage that the device can measure ranges from 100 to 8 VAC.

2.    The turn’s ratio which the instrument can measure also ranges between 8-15,000.

3.    The device has shown for measuring the best turn’s ratio with the accuracy of 0.05%.

4.    The device comes with the automatic vector detection for the operator’s convenience.

5.    The device also has a built-in tap control unit for better working.

6.    The device also displays the detailed analysis of various test result by using one of the DV-win softwares.

7.    The series also used and compares the various test results with the corresponding nameplates and also print outs the approximately % error for the corresponding tests.

8.    If a three phase measurement needs to be taken then the test set is connected to almost all the three phases of the transformer which are in testing mode.

9.    TRT03 also have a highest ability to cancel the electromagnetic and electrostatic interference and all the HV electric fields too. The solution is always achieved through the filtration and the same is made through the software designs and hardware solutions.


The TRT03 series is one of its kinds in the working of the transformers the same is said to be providing all kinds of updated results and the technology is also new in use. They have been using the same from years and have remained updated due to their high demand in a market. The series have been followed by many but its monotony cannot be broken. If you are looking for a branded transformer for your site, then have a look on the features of the same. As it can help you with all the tests for which you use to employ many devices. The best thing about them is that they too display the results with accuracy too. So the transformer is a single device but does have many benefits intact. So, if you have a requirement or you are looking forward to updating your site instruments then do buy te latest model of the respective series. And enjoy the premium test results measured by the transformer.

AEMC DTR-8500 Digital Transformer Ratiometer


AEMC is one of the transformers is have been a portable transformer that is designed for the on-site testing of current transformers and various power potentials.  They are connected with the various non-energised transformers, and it is known to measure the secondary and primary turns ratios accurately and displaying the polarity and the various excitation currents. The device is known to display the results with accuracy and have been one of the very good players in the industry. The device is said to come in a rugged and compact case with a very attractive and sealed case made u of polypropylene. This is why it is said that it can withstand the rigors and the harshness of the industrial uses.

Let's discuss the uses of the device in details:

1.    The device is designed for various power transformers in the industry for their CTs, PTs, and VTs.

2.    While using the device you are not required to select the range selection, user calibrations, tedious balancing or hand cracking. This feature makes them very unique as in various others you need to take care of these small things and here you can save time with them. At the operation, the device automatically starts checking various calibrates and also look for short circuits, windings, polarity by itself.

3.    The device can take the various direct readings with utmost accuracy that is ranging from 1500.0:1 to from 0.8000:1 All the measurement are displayed quickly and with accuracy as well.

4.    One of the unique features of the device is it can display the excitation current, polarity, and various turns ratio simultaneously on their LCD screen.

5.    The device comes with the dual operation and the power supplies and also has a rechargeable battery of NICD and the AC supply integrated with them.

6.    The device includes the various user’s manual so that user can be guided through step by step, and AC line cord and various test lead set that is 15ft and at the last a carrying bag to keep the things at a place.

7.    On operation, the device can display the warnings as incorrect lead connections, short and open circuits and the reverse polarities as well. These warnings help the users to take the corrective actions in ago.

8.    The device has been used in various applications of power, circuit, and potential transformers. This makes them the favorites for all time users.

The device with such number of applications have been quite difficult to get in a go, if you are looking for something so that you can work with ease and can measure the ratios with accuracy then you are at the right platform. As this device can give you the interface that you have been looking forward. The best part with the device is it is the one resort for all ratios to be measured. So do not worry about anything once you stop here. So, if you want to solutions for all then do consider the device.

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