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Thermal Anemometer

Thermal Anemometers for Sale

Thermal anemometry is the most common method used to measure instantaneous fluid velocity. The technique depends on the convective heat loss to the surrounding fluid from an electrically heated sensing element or probe. If only the fluid velocity varies, then the heat loss can be interpreted as a measure of that variable.

Hot wires  are most commonly used to measure the fluid velocity while flush sensors Hot-wire sensors are, as the name implies, made from short lengths of resistance wire and are circular in section. Hot-film sensors consist of a thin layer of conducting material that has been deposited on a non-conducting substrate.

Used to measure air speed!

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Image Ad title Price Condition Location
Wohler 4156 FA 430 Fan Anemometer Set $ 770.95 USDNewUS
Testo 435 Thermal Anemometer $ 200.00 USDUsedCA
Testo 405 Metric Thermo-Anemome ter with Duct Holder $ 205.00 USDNewUS
Supco EM20 Thermo Anemometer. Diagnose HVAC air flow problems $ 83.32 USDNewUS
Onset T-CDI-5400-20S , Compressed Air Flow Meter $ 707.63 USDNewUS
General Tools DAF800 Miniature Digital Anemometer $ 71.38 USDNewUS
General DCFM700 Digital Economy Anemometer $ 120.69 USDNewUS
General DAF80PW Digital Vane Anemometer $ 249.99 USDNewUS
Fieldpiece STA2 In-Duct Hot-wire Anemometer $ 296.00 USDNewUS
Extech HD350 Pitot tube and anemometer diff manometer $ 409.99 USDNewUS
Extech EN100 Compact Hygro-Thermo-A nemometer w/Light Sensor $ 299.99 USDNewUS
Extech AN500-NIST Hot Wire Thermo-Anemome ter w/NIST Calibration $ 849.00 USDNewUS
Extech AN340 CMM/CFM Anemometer/Psy chrometer Datalogger $ 429.99 USDNewUS
Extech AN310 Large Vane CFM/CMM Anemometer/Psy chrometer $ 349.99 USDNewUS
Extech AN300-NIST Large Vane Thermo-Anemome ter w/NIST Calibration $ 449.99 USDNewUS
Extech AN100-NIST, CFM/CMM Thermo-Anemome ter w/NIST Certificate $ 294.99 USDNewUS
Extech AN100, CFM/CMM Thermo-Anemome ter $ 141.09 USDNewUS
Extech 45170 Hygro-Thermo-A nemometer-Ligh t Meter $ 161.95 USDNewUS
Extech 45118 Thermo-Anemome ter Mini $ 95.44 USDNewUS
Extech 407114 Heavy Duty CFM Vane Anemometer $ 99.95 USDNewUS

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