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Power Analyzer, Three & Single Phase

Three & Single Phase Power Analyzers for Sale 

Power analyzers accurately measure electrical power characteristics of devices that generate, transform, or consume electricity. Power analyzers, also called power meters or wattmeters, provide precise measurements of true power (watts), power factor, harmonics and efficiency in inverters, motor drives, lighting, home appliances, office equipment, power supplies, and industrial machinery.

With advances in energy efficiency and standby power, there is an increasing demand for accurate and reliable power measurements. Highly stable and reliable power analyzers enable engineers to minimize energy loss due to distorted, transient waveforms in power electronics such as inverters, motors, lighting circuits, and power supplies. Yokogawa, the world's leading manufacturer of electrical power analyzers, provides a broad selection to satisfy all requirements.

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Image Ad title Price Condition Location
Hioki 3197 Power Quality Analyzer $ 3495.00 USDNewUS
Hioki 3197-01/5000PR O Power Quality Analyzer with 3 - 5000A CT's $ 3995.00 USDNewUS
Hioki 3198-01/500PRO Power Quality Analyzer $ 8750.00 USDNewUS
LEM Instruments - PS External Power Supply $ 75.00 USDNewUS
Reliable Power Meters - 3014 40 Amp Current Transformer $ 212.00 USDNewUS
Reliable Power Meters - 3100 1000 Amp Current Transformer $ 165.00 USDNewUS
Reliable Power Meters - 3110 100 Amp Flex Current Transformer $ 383.00 USDNewUS
Reliable Power Meters - 3310 5000 Amp Flex Current Transformer $ 550.00 USDNewUS
Reliable Power Meters - 3312 5000 Amp Flex Current Transformer $ 625.00 USDNewUS
Tektronix PA4000 -15V-4CH, Power Analyzer (4 Channel) *1 Year Warranty* $ 5687.21 USDNewUS

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