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Light Meter

Light Meters for Sale

A light meter is a device used to measure the amount of light. Light Meter-Measures light intensity in Foot-candles or Lux.

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Image Ad title Price Condition Location
Agilent / HP 8163B #VALUE! reconditioned ContactUsedUS
AEMC CA813 Lightmeter Model (#2121.21) $ 179.00 USDNewUS
AEMC CA813 Lightmeter Model CA813 (Catalog No. 2121.21) $ 179.00 USDUsedUS
AEMC Cat. # 2121.20 Lightmeter Model CA811 (Catalog No. 2121.20) $ 119.00 USDUsedUS
Agilent Keysight HP The 8163B is a used Optical Meter from Agilent. Engineers use... ContactUsedUS
Amprobe LM120 Digital Light Meter with Auto Ranging $ 158.14 USDNewUS
Amprobe LT-10 Lamp Tester $ 102.43 USDNewUS
Anaheim Scientific H100 Wide Range Light Meter with LCD Display $ 175.00 USDUsedUS
Anritsu MW97A The MW97A Optical Pulse Echo Tester detects breakpoint, and measures the $ 2495.00 USDUsedUS
Bendix King KTS-147 The KTS147 is used to test the KFC 300 Flight Control System. $ 11992.00 USDUsedUS
Besantek BST-LX2 Light Meter, Measures to 40000 lux and 4000 fc $ 114.99 USDNewUS
Extech 401027 Light Meter Foot Candle, Refurbished $ 70.00 USDUsedUS
Extech HD400 Heavy Duty Light Meter $ 219.99 USDNewUS
Extech LT300 Light Meter with Large LCD display with analog bargraph $ 169.99 USDNewUS
Extech LT40 LED Light Meters $ 119.99 USDNewUS
Extech LT45 Color LED Light Meters $ 349.99 USDNewUS
General DLM1337 Display Wide Range Digital Light Meter $ 85.72 USDNewUS
General DLM2000 0.1 to 20,000 Lux Digital Light Meter with Hard Case $ 129.00 USDNewUS
General Tools UV512C Digital UVC Meter, ultraviolet light 220-275 nanometers $ 454.39 USDNewUS
HP-Agilent 8164A Light Meter $ 7750.00 USDUsedUS

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