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Insulation Tester

Insulation Testers for Sale

The insulation resistance (IR) test (also commonly known as a Megger) is a spot insulation test which uses an applied DC voltage (typically for low voltage equipment <1000V and up to 10,000Vdc for high voltage equipment) to measure insulation resistance in either kΩ, MΩ or GΩ. The measured resistance is intended to indicate the condition of the insulation or dieletric between two conductive parts, where the higher the resistance, the better the condition of the insulation. Ideally, the insulation resistance would be infinite, but as no insulators are perfect, leakage currents through the dielectric will ensure that a finite (though high) resistance value is measured.

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Image Ad title Price Condition Location
Megger : Delta3000 Megger Delta3000 10kV Automated Test Set 120V, 12A, 50/60Hz HV... $ 27495.00 USDUsedUS
Biddle-AVO : PFL-4000 Biddle-AVO PFL-4000 (Megger) $ 19950.00 USDUsedUS
Keithley 6517B Electrometer/High Resistance Meter with IEEE Interface $ 8110.00 USDUsedUS
Keysight Agilent HP 4339B High-Resistance Meter ContactUsedUS
AEMC 6555 Megohmmeter (Catalog # 2130.32) $ 5995.00 USDUsedUS
Keysight (formerly Agilent) 4339B High-Resistance Meter, DC The 4339B high-resistance $ 5992.00 USDUsedUS
Keithley 6517A Keithley's 6-1/2-digit Model 6517A Electrometer/High-Resistance Meter is $ 5692.00 USDUsedUS
Fluke 1555/KIT Insulation Resistance Tester Kit $ 5499.00 USDUsedUS
Fluke 1550C/KIT 5kV Insulation Resistance Tester Kit $ 4999.00 USDUsedUS
Fluke 1555 Insulation Resistance Tester $ 4999.00 USDUsedUS
AEMC 6550 Megohmmeter (Catalog # 2130.31) $ 4995.00 USDUsedUS
Instek GPT-9904 500VA AC/DC Withstanding Voltage/Insulation Res./Ground Bond Tester $ 4940.00 USDUsedUS
Instek GPT-9904 AC 500VA AC/DC Voltage/ Insulation Resistance / Ground Bond Tester $ 4940.00 USDUsedUS
Fluke 1550C Insulation Resistance Tester $ 4499.00 USDUsedUS
Megger - S1-1052/2 10 kV Insulation Tester $ 4436.00 USDNewUS
Megger - S1-552/2 5 kV Insulation Tester $ 4384.00 USDNewUS
Hipotronics : HD115 AC/DC Hipot Insulation Tester, 0-12.5 kV ac / 0-15.0 kV dc $ 4250.00 USDUsedUS
AEMC 5070 Megohmmeter (Catalog # 2130.30) $ 3995.00 USDUsedUS
Keithley : 6517A Electrometer/High Resistance meter with IEEE $ 3950.00 USDUsedUS
HT Instruments HT7052 Insulation/MegaOhmmeter tester with test voltage programmable up to 10kVDC $ 3495.00 USDUsedUS

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