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Insulation Analyzer

Insulation Analyzers & Testers for Sale

These units are for power apparatus and insulation testing. Its unique combination of test capabilities and artificial intelligence analysis software makes it the power industry’s most trusted Power Factor/Tan-Delta instrument.

These insulation analyzer instruments are used around the globe thanks to their comprehensive testing options, safety features and measurement accuracy.

  • Power Factor/Tan Delta testing to confirm insulation integrity and quality
  • Capacitance testing to measure physical changes that may have occured to the apparatus
  • Turns ratio testing to detect shorted turns or winding damage
  • Leakage reactance/short circuit impedance testing to evaluate winding deformation
  • Single phase excitation current testing to evaluate the transformer magnetizing circuit
  • Capacitor bank testing to detect deteriorating or failed capacitors within a bank
  • Easy and accurate testing with Doble Test Assistant (DTA) software


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