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EMF Electrical Magnetic Field Meter, Triaxial

EMF Meters & RF Broadband Readers on Sale

EMF meters, used to indicate the overall intensity of a range of  EMFs, are available with a wide range of sensitivities, frequency responses and features. For home or office use, simple broadband meters are often sufficient for an initial survey. Generally two different types of meters are required; an EMF meter for ELF fields and a broadband RF meter for RF and microwave fields, although these are sometimes combined into one instrument.

The EMF meter is used to measure the magnetic (and sometimes electric) fields associated with ELFs (e.g. powerline frequencies) whilst the RF broadband meter should measure the voltage gradient or power density of RF fields The RF meter should be capable of measuring the pulsed RF power produced by mobile phones and masts, cordless DECT phones and  wireless networks in addition to the continuous power of less complex RF sources such as radio and TV transmitters. Inexpensive examples of both types of meter, and combination meters

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