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Digital Thermometers

Digital Thermometers & Temperature Sensors/Detectors for Sale

Digital thermometers are temperature-sensing instruments that are easily portable, have permanent probes, and a convenient digital display.  The way a digital thermometer works depends upon its type. They are generally a resistance temperature detector (RTD), thermocouple digital, or thermistor digital thermometer.

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Image Ad title Price Condition Location
Fluke 80PJ-1 Type J, Thermocouple Bead Probe $ 29.00 USDUsedUS
Fluke 80PK-11 Type-K Velcro Thermocouple Temperature Probe $ 44.00 USDUsedUS
Fluke 971 Temperature Humidity Meter $ 315.00 USDUsedUS
Fluke : 1502A Precision RTD Thermometer with temp probe 80PK-24 ContactUsedUS
Fluke : 2168A Digital Thermometer Portable $ 250.00 USDUsedUS
Fluke : 2190A DIGITAL THERMOMETER $ 395.00 USDUsedUS
Fluke : 2190A-04-06 DIGITAL THERMOMETER. Options 04/06 ContactUsedUS
Fluke : 51-II 60Hz Single Input Thermometer, 60Hz Noise Rejection ContactUsedUS
Fluke : 5615 Platinum Resistance Thermometer Temperature Range –200 to 420°C $ 1095.00 USDUsedUS
Fluke FLK-CNX T3000 K-Type Wireless Temperature Module ContactUsedUS
Fluke FLK-CNX T3000 KIT CNX t3000 Temperature Measurement Kit ContactUsedUS
Fluke FLK-Ti20-RBP Rechargable Battery Pack for the Ti20 $ 143.00 USDUsedUS
Fluke FLK-VT02 Visual Infrared (IR) Thermometer ContactUsedUS
Fluke FLK-VT04 GLOBAL Visual Infrared (IR) Thermometer $ 494.00 USDUsedUS
Fluke FLK-VT04-HVAC-KIT Visual IR Thermometer HVAC Combo Kit $ 899.00 USDUsedUS
Fluke FLK-VT04-MAINT-KIT Preventive Maintenance Kit for Visual Infrared Thermometer $ 854.00 USDUsedUS
Fluke FP FoodPro Food Safety Thermometers $ 149.00 USDUsedUS
Fluke FP PLUS FoodPro Plus Food Safety Thermometer $ 269.00 USDUsedUS

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