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The basic premise behind an underground utility locator is that it works by producing and transmitting a signal onto a utility that is metallic that the receiver can detect. A signal (measured in kHz or Hz) can be produced by a transmitter and is sent through the utility by either conductive or inductive means. "Conductive" means a direct connect connection such as alligator clips. "Inductive" means the signal is "induced" onto the metallic utility line with an induction clamp which is secured or clamped around the utility line but does not connect metal to metal as the conductive alligator clip does. Inductive is great when you don't have access or ability to do a direct connection. In case you're wondering, the conductive method is better since it is metal to metal and the transmitter is able to send a signal better. Once your transmitter is connected and turned on producing a signal on the utility, you can then take the receiver part of the instrument and wave it over the areas you believe the utility to be in. When you start picking up the signal you will over time learn how to pin-point exactly where the utility line is buried, and how deep. This takes practice over time but new-comers to the utility location professsion can learn it fairly quickly but should be trained by someone with years of experience.

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Image Ad title Price Condition Location
Amprobe AT-3500 Underground Cable and Pipe Locator $ 2949.95 USDNewUS
Armada Pro871C Dual Frequency Cable Locator w/Clamp $ 629.49 USDNewUS
Armada Technologies Pro290 Mini Cable Locator $ 224.00 USDNewUS
Armada Technologies Pro871 Dual Frequency Cable Locator $ 539.49 USDNewUS
Megger 656902, Split-Box Pipe and Cable Locator $ 1175.00 USDNewUS
Radio Detection - 1270A Cable Fault Locator / TDR $ 1800.00 USDNewUS
RADIO DETECTION 1270A Cable Fault Locator / TDR $ 1800.00 USDUsedUS
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